Saturday, May 15, 2021

App Service Migration Assistant

When attempting to move legacy ASP.NET apps to Azure App Service, you might encounter a few challenges which are documented here.

The App Service Migration Assistant is designed to simplify your journey to the cloud through a free, simple, and fast solution to migrate ASP.Net applications from on-premises to the cloud. You can quickly:

1.       Assess whether your app is a good candidate for migration by running a scan of its public URL.

2.       Download the Migration Assistant to begin your migration.

3.       Use the tool to run readiness checks and general assessment of your app’s configuration settings, then migrate your app or site to Azure App Service via the tool.

How the tool works

The Migration Assistant tool is a local agent that performs a detailed assessment and then walks you through the migration process. The tool performs readiness checks as well as a general assessment of the web app’s configuration settings.

You can download Azure App Service migration assistant from below URL

Once setup is downloaded then need to install on Web server and run the application. It will ask to choose the application from Web server.

Click on next button it will do all azure migration assessment for your web application

Once the application has received a successful assessment, the tool will walk you through the process of authenticating with your Azure subscription and then prompt you to provide details on the target account and App Service plan along with other configuration details for the newly migrated site.

The Migration Assistant tool will then move your site to the target App Service plan while also configuring Hybrid Connections, should that option be selected.

Database migration and Hybrid Connections

Azure App Service migration assistant is designed to migrate the web application and associated configurations, but it does not migrate the database. There are two options for your database:

1.       Use the SQL Migration Tool

2.       Leave your database on-premises and connect to it from the cloud using Hybrid Connections

SQL Migration Tool

If you want to migrate on-premises database on Azure, then you can migrate it with help of data migration assistant. I have previously written details blog on it.  You can read it in this link What is data migration assistant?

Leave your database on-premises

You can also leave your database in your on-premises database as well. Azure App Service with connect with SQL database with Hybrid Connections. Hybrid Connections allows you to securely access application resources in other networks – in this case an on-premises SQL database. The migration tool configures and sets up Hybrid Connections for you, allowing you to migrate your site while keeping your database on-premises to be migrated at your leisure.

Hope it will help you to understand Azure App Service migration assistant and how you can use this.

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