Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Track your stock portfolio with Google Sheets

Recently I was learning about Google Sheets and came across "GOOGLEFINANCE" function. It is helpful to track your stock portfolio. This function helps us to get the real-time stock price and real time currency conversion rate.


Get real time google stock price =GOOGLEFINANCE("NASDAQ:GOOGL","price")

NASDAQ: This is the stock exchange name where company share listed

GOOGL: This is the name of google stock name

Price: It will give us the real time price of stock

Get real time currency conversion rate = GOOGLEFINANCE("CURRENCY:USDGBP")

This will give the “CURRENCY” conversion rate “USDGBP” USD to GBP. In same way you can use the function in Google Sheet based on your requirement.

With help of "GOOGLEFINANCE" function. I have created google sheet template to track stock portfolio. You can download this template and put your stocks details there hope it will help you track your stocks. 

You can download template from below link 

Make your template copy

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