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How cloud computing works?

Virtualization is the basic building block for cloud computing, without virtualization cloud computing cannot exist. Virtualization is the process of creating a software-based or virtual (rather than actual), representation of something like server, desktop, storage device, operating system or network resources. Nowadays in market many software exists for Virtualization which used to separate the physical resources of a server and use them as different isolated resources. In below example we have used Hypervisor(developed by Microsoft) for create multiple VMs  

Create multiple VMs using one machine resources

The machine on which the virtual machine is going to create is known as Host Machine and that virtual machine is referred as a Guest Machine

There are mainly 4 types of virtualization

1.       Hardware virtualization

2.       Operating system virtualization

3.       Server virtualization

4.       Storage virtualization

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Why cloud provider 

Before cloud computing all type of virtualization managed by IT infrastructure team. They do all installation and virtualization in servers. Now cloud provider company have automated these without any human interaction with help of software and hardware.  

Cloud provider companies have created large data centers where they put high configuration multiple servers’ racks with all facilities which needed for computing like power, internet connectivity etc. They are using software to virtualize server based on user request from cloud provider portal. Basically, cloud provider company have automated all virtualization and serve the user request based on there requirement and charge only for what they use and everything else they take care like data backup, hardware, power and internet. If user use cloud they have to focus only on what type of service, they bought from cloud provider everything else take care by cloud provider company.

What is data center

Data centers are often referred to as a singular thing, but it is composed of several technical elements such as routers, switches, security devices, storage systems, servers, application-delivery controllers and more. Theses all technical equipment in data center also requires a significant amount of facilities infrastructure to keep the hardware and software up and running. This includes power subsystems, uninterruptable power supplies (UPS), ventilation and cooling systems, backup generators and cabling to connect to external network operators.

Microsoft data center in Dublin, Ireland

Microsoft data center in Dublin, Ireland

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How data centers connected to each other?

Data centers located in different part of the world and connected with fiber cables. You can say whole world covered with fiber cable to transfer data from one data center to other data center. You can see how data centers connected with each other

How it works

We have taken Microsoft Azure example in below picture.

·         User has to login in azure portal then make new request for Create Virtual machine.   

·         Using Microsoft Azure Web API request passed to Orchestrator based on which data-center user chosen

·         We can call these Microsoft Azure Web API from different client tools with parameter or we can write our own application for azure management

·         Every data center have multiple racks of server which attached with fabric controller (Software developed by Microsoft) and that control and manage all the server within that rack.    

·         Every rack has multiple servers and every server has hypervisor (Software developed by Microsoft) for virtualization

·         Based on user request it create virtual machine in data center based on which data center user has selected while doing a request

This is all as working example in below gif image

More information look into below You tube link

How many types of service deployment models

Cloud computing types are service deployment models that let you choose the level of control over your information and types of services you need to provide.

There are three main types of cloud computing services based on level of control to the user

1.       Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS)

2.       Platform-as-a-service (PaaS)

3.       Software-as-a-service (SaaS)

In below example when user has physical server (On Premises server), they have to manage everything in that server. If user use cloud service, they have to only control over which type of service they have taken from cloud provider company.  Apart from that service everything else take care by cloud provider company.

When user use cloud they have to focus on the service they bought from cloud provider company. It increases productivity and efficiency of cloud service user.

Below picture give you clear picture about cloud service and what user can control  

Cloud services example 

SaaS is the strongest cloud trend as service like office 365, Google drive, Gmail etc. All service which can directly accessed via web browser.

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